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  • Thomas Hancock

Premiership Fantasy Rugby is Back!

When I saw that the Gallagher Premiership had launched its new fantasy rugby in partnership with Superbru Rugby, I couldn’t have been happier. I think the most important thing to do is to give a mention to The Rugby Magazine, who quenched our thirst for a fantasy game but sadly couldn’t continue. The void has been filled and I simply cannot wait to get my teeth into it and test my own knowledge against everyone else.

A salary cap of £100 million, squad of 23, maximum of 4 players from one club, unlimited transfers until the start of Round 1 then 4 free transfers a week during the season, celebrating defenders beaten or stealing a lineout to the rage of one of your players being binned or even red carded (this could put you off a player or two). Let the tinkering begin. The good thing is that the points system is not overly complicated so it will be easy to follow and keep people engaged throughout the season.

Big questions will be asked. Do you go big in your back three positions and take a hit upfront or try to keep it balanced across your squad. Internationals or good quality club players who are more likely to play week in and out. Then which 4 players do you pick from one club, do you favour backs from those teams with a more expansive game Harlequins, Bristol and Northampton. Then your pack being dominated by those who play a set piece oriented game; Saracens, Sale and Leicester. But don’t forget Newcastle, Bath, Exeter and Gloucester.

Bath and Exeter have been undergoing a transition, Newcastle have battle hardened forwards and a sprinkling of star dustin the backline and finally Gloucester still have a potent driving maul and a backline that is top 4 quality.

With any fantasy game, will you be a sheep, where most people will probably go for Marcus Smith, Cadan Murley, Zach Mercer or Adam Radwan or be the shepherd finding that diamond in the rough that quite possibly no one else is considering, I am hoping I have a couple, but I won’t be sharing those. But I will share this, really consider if it is worth selecting players who have been at the World Cup and are likely to play in the Six Nations next year. Do you want someone not contributing for the first weeks and then having to play catch up and use unnecessary transfers, when quite possibly after week one you could have 5 or 6 injured players.

Also consider adding the Premiership Rugby result predictor to your weekly rugby routine via the Premiership Rugby app. This was also around last season but because of the withdrawal of Worcester and Wasps it ended up becoming a mess. It looks like work has been done to restore it. Where the winner of each round will win tickets to the final in 2024 and the overall winner will have the a behind the scenes tour and a signed shirt from the club they support or of choice.

Finally, us rugby supporters can engage more with the sport we all enjoy and love!

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